Sacred Lake

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Sacred Lake
The Last Revelation
Section Karnak Section
Level No 9
Secrets 1
Location Egypt, Karnak
Level Chronology:
The Great Hypostyle Hall Sacred Lake Tomb Of Semerkhet

Sacred Lake is the ninth level in The Last Revelation and the third in the Karnak Section.

As with other Karnak locations so far, the Sacred Lake is a real-life location within the temple complex. Most Egyptian temples had pools for the cleansing of worshippers, and the Sacred Lake was one of these, although much larger and more elaborate than it's counterparts. It is also another level that can be accessed several times from preceeding ones, although it cannot be accessed from the next level, the Tomb of Semerkhet.

The Sacred Lake is divided into two areas. The lake itself, with various crocodiles and a large tomb like structure at one side; and the entrance to the 'Tomb of Semerkhet': four gates surrounding an island upon which Lara places the Sun Talisman to access the tomb.


Lara has arrived to the Sacred Lake of the Karnak ruins, trying to find a way to make it possible to enter the Tomb of Semerkhet.




There's one secret to be found in this level during the second visit.

Artefacts & Keys



  • Uzis (if not found previously)


First Aid
More Gear


Traps & Obstacles


There are no special traps in this level.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles