The Great Hypostyle Hall

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The Great Hypostyle Hall
The Last Revelation
Section Karnak Section
Level No 8
Secrets 0
Location Egypt, Karnak
Level Chronology:
Temple Of Karnak The Great Hypostyle Hall Sacred Lake

The Great Hypostyle Hall is the eight level of The Last Revelation and the second level in the Karnak Section.

The Hypostle Hall at Karnak is a location within the temple complex. Despite the setting of the Last Revelation the Hypostle Hall has lost much of it's original roof.

As with the 'Temple of Karnak' the 'Great Hypostle Hall' can be visited as many times as the player likes. At first it is merely an area that is seen on the way to the Sacred Lake, but the second time it is played Lara should find the Sun Disk, which is vital in order to continue exploring the temple complex.


Lara continues her journey to the Hypostyle Hall area of the Karnak ruins.


  • On the first visit, make your way to the Sacred Lake
  • On the second visit, after obtaining the Hypostyle Key, make your way to the lower area of a large room by dropping down a boulder
  • Solve the puzzle with the horizontal obelisk-like columns to gain the Sun Disk


Artefacts & Keys



  • Uzis (if not found previously)


First Aid
More Gear


Traps & Obstacles


  • Deep Pits

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles