Canopic Jar 2

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Canopic Jar 2

Canopic Jar

Found 1999
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Sacred Lake
Level Used Temple of Karnak

The Canopic Jar 2 is an artefact found in the Sacred Lake level in Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. There are two of these jars to be found within the Karnak Section of the game. This first, which is located in the Temple of Karnak level, opens a door to the Sacred Lake, where the Canopic Jar 2 is located.

The place where the Canopic Jar 2 is hidden, is located above an underwater chamber with a magical mirror. The opening in the ceiling can be seen in the mirror. It is then used in the Temple of Karnak level, nearby where the first jar was used.


A decorative jar of rather small size, apparently depicts a cat or dog headed figure.


When the Canopic Jar 2 is placed to its receptacle, some mysterious liquid starts to flow down to a bowl near the receptacles of Canopic Jar 1 and Canopic Jar 2. The bowl trips over, causing the liquid to flow to the water in the room, making Lara able to walk on water and avoid the current.

Further Information

Canopic jars were actually used in the ancient Egypt in the mummification process. The Egyptians stored the insides of the mummy to the canopic jars, and put the jars inside the tombs alongside with the sarcophagus.[1]


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