Burial Chambers

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Burial Chambers
The Last Revelation
Section Valley of Kings Section
Level No 4
Secrets 5 (14-18)
Location Egypt, King's Valley
Level Chronology:
The Tomb Of Seth Burial Chambers Valley Of The Kings

Burial Chambers is the fourth level in The Last Revelation and the second in the Valley of Kings Section. It is supposedly the burial place of Seth's followers who were entombed with him.

The Burial Chambers are fairly simple to start with, being a linear progression of traps until Lara reaches the tomb proper, where Seth's sarcophagus is. This is where Lara removes the Amulet of Horus, her goal in disturbing the tomb.

At that point, Lara does not pay attention to several strange occurences - unearthly light beams out of the Amulet's resting place and blood starts pouring out of the sarcophagus. Lara has unknowingly released the ancient dark god Seth and set in motion events that could lead to an apocalypse.

After this point, the level opens into a subterranean cavern area, where Lara must obtain two artefacts to escape - the Golden Serpent and the Scarab Talisman.

Traps in this level are centred around spikes, spinning blades and pitfalls. A unique feature of the level is a large hexagon hall that rotates, allowing access into different areas along its walls.


Lara ventures further into the depths of the tomb. She must continue her quest alone, as she has scared her guide away.


Lara has found a sarchophagus of a dog-headed mummy. She hops onto it and removes and amulet from its chest - the Amulet of Horus. Bright yellow light emits from the sarchophagus. Lara hops off from it and continues her adventures.

End Cutscene

Lara exits the chambers into the bright daylight. Sge walks further away from the exit, looking carefully round her. Lara takes the amulet she has found from her backpack and takes a closer look at it. She reads the inscription that is carved to the amulet.

Her voice changes into the one of Semerkhet.

  • Semerkhet: ...he who removes the amulet shall have released Set. He who walked abroad with the jackal with the dawn of man shall once again violate the Earth.

A flashback is shown about the imprisonment of Seth. He is about to be imprisoned inside a sarchophagus as Horus and Semerkhet observe. Horus uses his powers to force Seth to bow before entering the sarchophagus. Semerkhet lowers a spiked lid to the sarchophagus, and bolts of lightning seem to line the edges of the lid. As the spikes impale Seth, blood starts to seep through jackal-shaped ornaments of the sarchophagus. Semerkhet places the Amulet of Horus to the sarchophagus, and the blood of Seth turns into sand.

  • Semerkhet: Set, ruler of evil, will again be free at the turn of the distant millenia.

We see Lara again, and a figure moving behind her. The voice of Semerkhet turns to the one of Lara's.

  • Lara: At his heel plagues and locusts harvests, fail under the broken skies.

A gun is pressed against Lara's head.

  • Lara: My trusty companion returns.

The figure is revealed to be the guide, who demands to have the amulet.

  • Guide: The amulet, woman!

Lara is not bothered by this encounter, she keeps on reading the inscription on the Amulet of Horus.

  • Lara: Once called forth, shall the heavens split asunder and the light of the sun god Horus banish the lord of darkness, Set.

These words cause a bolt of lightning strike the doorway to the Burial Chambers, collapsing the doorway. This causes the guide to fall back. As he recovers from this sudden event, he tries to grab his revolver. Just as he is about to reach it, Lara readies her pistols for shooting.

  • Lara: I wouldn't advise it.

A jeep arrives to the site, the driver is honking impatiently. A sandstorm sweeps the area completely, covering the sight - the screen fades to black.




There are five secrets to be found in the level.

Artefacts & Keys



  • Shotgun (if not found in the previous level)


First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


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