Valley Of The Kings

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Remark: This article describes the Level Valley Of The Kings in The Last Revelation. For information about the location, see Valley of the Kings (location).

Valley of the Kings
The Last Revelation
Section Valley of Kings Section
Level No 5
Secrets 3
Location Egypt, King's Valley
Level Chronology:
Burial Chambers Valley of the Kings KV5

Valley Of The Kings is the fifth level in The Last Revelation and the third in the Valley of Kings Section.

It is one of the most popular levels in the game as it is where Lara first learns to drive a Jeep. The player must chase Lara's devious guide through the valley, navigating treacherously high pathways and gaping chasms. The chase continues throughout the level KV5.


As Lara exits the Tomb of Seth, she examines the Amulet of Horus she recovered. Etched on its surface is a warning that removing the Amulet will also release the dark god Seth. A flashback shows Seth's imprisonment in the sarcophagus Lara saw earlier by Horus and his high priest, Semerkhet.

Lara's former guide appears suddenly and threatens Lara at gunpoint, demanding the Amulet. Lara manages to disarm him, and then a Jeep appears, raising a cloud of dust and allowing the guide to escape...




There are three secrets to be found in this level.

Artefacts & Keys




First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

There are no special obstacles in the level, but the riding the Jeep requires careful steering to avoind falling into the pits.


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