Valley of Kings Section

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Remark: This article describes the Valley of Kings Section in The Last Revelation. For information about the level, see Valley Of The Kings and for information about the location, see Valley of the Kings (location).

Valley of Kings

The Valley of Kings Section is the second of six sections in The Last Revelation. It's set in the Valley of the Kings.


In the year 1999 Lara's travelling in Egypt accompanied with a guide. They both end up to the Tomb of Seth by falling through a chute hidden in the sand, revealed by Lara when she presses a pressure pad on a monument.

In the tomb's Burial Chambers Lara removes the Amulet of Horus, not knowing that by doing so she releases Seth, setting the amulet's prophecy in motion.



Traps and Obstacles



Throughout the Valley of Kings Section Lara wears the Classic Outfit.