Valley of the Kings (location)

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Valley of the Kings


Country Egypt
Games The Last Revelation

The Valley of the Kings is a location Lara visits in The Last Revelation.

It is an area of Egypt enclosed in a bend of the Nile. It houses the Royal Necropolis and the sites of the tombs of many of Egypt's Pharaohs. These were built after the practice of building pyramids in the Old Kingdom Period became less fashionable, and more importantly, was regarded as less able to deter grave robbers. Tombs in the Valley of Kings are often catalogued using "KV" (short for King's Valley) and a number.

The Last Revelation

In the year 1999 Lara is travelling in Egypt accompanied with a guide. They both end up inside The Tomb of Seth, and in its Burial Chambers Lara accidentally releases Seth by removing the Amulet of Horus from a sarcophagus.



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