Amulet Of Horus

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Amulet Of Horus


Found 1998
Tomb of Seth, Egypt
Current Status Buried in Egypt
Game(s) The Last Revelation
Level Found Tomb of Seth
Level Used Temple of Horus

The Amulet Of Horus is an artefact that locks the Armour of Horus in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation.

I, Semerkhet, High Priest of Horus,

Forewarn that he who removes the Amulet shall have released Seth.
He who walked abroad with the jackal,
At the dawn of Man
Shall once again violate the Earth.

Ruler of Evil
Will again be free at the turn of distant millennia.
At his heel plagues and locusts
Harvests fail under the broken skies.
Once called forth, shall the heavens split asunder,
And the light of the Sun God Horus.
Banish the Lord of Darkness,

Inscription on the amulet[1]



The amulet was most likely created by Semerkhet and Horus to seal Seth at the time when he "violated the Earth" for the first time.


In 1998 Lara collects the Amulet Of Horus in the Tomb of Seth and by her actions, sets Seth free. It was stolen from Lara by Werner Von Croy who took it out of a lock by the Tomb of Semerkhet while Lara was exploring the tomb. The amulets removal closed the door to the tomb, locking Lara in. Von Croy travelled to the Citadel in Cairo where the amulet could also open a room within the catacombs. It was at this point that Lara reclaimed the amulet and escaped.

The amulet is needed to activate the Armour of Horus, which Lara had recovered. Upon her arrival to the Temple of Horus, Lara placed the amulet on the armour, which shortly was destroyed by Seth, knocking the amulet into the surrounding water. Lara recovered the amulet, avoided Seth's attacks and climbed out of the temple. She placed the amulet on a trapdoor, closing it and sealing Seth within the temple for all time. Lara cannot retrieve the amulet since it would just unleash Seth again.


The amulet is an Ankh, the hieroglyphic sign denoting life. It also has a red gem on it.


The amulet had the power to seal Seth in his tomb so long as it remained on his sarcophagus. This was undermined when Lara removed it. It could also be used to complete the armour of Horus, so he would come and kill Seth. After Seth destroyed the armour, Lara used the amulet to close a trapdoor inside the Temple of Horus, which sealed Seth within.

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  1. Voice-over by Semerkhet and Lara in an in-game FMV
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