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Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Undead
Distinctiveness Can only be destroyed with Explosive Ammo
Weapons Arms
Weakness Slow movements, Explosive Ammo

Mummies are enemies in The Last Revelation and in The Times Exclusive level.


Mummified human figure with a skeleton showing from underneath the wrappings.



The Mummies cannot be killed with normal weapons. Lara can kill them with Explosive Ammo or keep them at bay with the Shotgun. They are slow, so Lara can outrun them easily and they won't hurt her much.

On some occasions the Mummies can be found lying on the ground, and they will wake up after Lara has done certain things (activated an ancient machine, picked up an artefact etc.).


Similar Enemies

Similarly behaving, creepy enemies that appear in The Angel of Darkness.

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Found in the level Coastal Ruins

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