Taur Demigod

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Taur Demigod

The Last Revelation

Classification Demigod
Distinctiveness Immortal
Weapons Impact hammer

The Taur Demigod (or Minotaur) is an invincible enemy from the Chambers of Tulun in The Last Revelation. Lara has to trap it inside the mosque in order to go to the level Citadel Gate.

The Minotaur demigod is larger than the other demigods. He attacks Lara by hitting the ground with his hammer. The shock wave does considerable damage and causes the ground to shake.

This shock wave also prevents Lara from progressing in the level, as she has to climb up a ladder. She will always fall when the minotaur attacks (this doesn't cause any damage). Although you can use a trick to climb. When climbing the ladder, stay close to the side (left or right) and get Lara to climb up using only her arms and hands. (If you aren't close to the wall, but in the middle of the ladder Lara will put up her feet.) This way the minotaur cannot harm her and she will climb up easily to the Citadel Gate.

Even though he is an "immortal" opponent, he can be killed by a game bug. To kill him, position the Motorcycle in beside the mosque's wall, wait for the minotaur to get close to it and hit the wall with the bike. It takes several turns to work, but when done, the minotaur magically falls dead.


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