Chambers Of Tulun

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Chambers Of Tulun
The Last Revelation
Section Cairo Section
Level No 22
Secrets 2
Location Egypt, Cairo
Level Chronology:
City Of The Dead Chambers Of Tulun Citadel Gate

Chambers Of Tulun is the twenty-second level in The Last Revelation and the second level in the Cairo Section.

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is the largest mosque in Cairo in terms of land area, and also the oldest. It was built between 876-879CE, and was backed onto by the Ibn Tulun's Palace and other important buildings. As Lara will find, the mosque is mostly constructed around a large square courtyard, with various buildings surrounding it.

The courtyard is all Lara really gets to explore, but there is a series of chambers that might be some kind of warehouse, but you can only access this area once you've upgraded your transport. There're a few Egyptian Soldiers scattered around whose tempers haven't improved, and a Taur Demigod in one area. Watch out for the flying Giant Scarabs too.


Lara continues her quest to save her friend Jean-Yves from Werner Von Croy.




There are two secrets to be found in this level.

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