City Of The Dead

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City Of The Dead
The Last Revelation
Section Cairo Section
Level No 21
Secrets 2
Location Egypt, Cairo
Level Chronology:
Cleopatra's Palaces City Of The Dead Chambers Of Tulun

City Of The Dead is the twenty-first level in The Last Revelation and the first in the Cairo Section.

The level takes place in Cairo.

The Cairo levels take place exclusively in Islamic Cairo - a mixture of Medieval Byzantine, Arabic and Turkish architecture. The 'City of the Dead' is a real area of Islamic Cairo - a kind of gigantic cemetery where the population live and work among their dead ancestors' mausoleums and tombs. The name of the level also gives the player a nice feeling of dread - where is everyone? You'll soon meet some Egyptian Soldiers, but they'll be less than happy to see Lara, and have to deal with some automatic Sentry Guns that shoot bullets and flames. Lara can have a look round some tombs while she's there - she'll find some Bats and also some ancient magic that will come in very handy.


Werner Von Croy has abducted Jean-Yves and offers Lara a trade: Werner will spare Lara's friend's life if Lara is willing to give Werner the Armour of Horus. Lara has followed Werner and his henchmen to Cairo and she is determined to save her friend.




There are two secrets to be found in this level.




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