Citadel Gate

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Citadel Gate
The Last Revelation
Section Cairo Section
Level No 23
Secrets 1
Location Egypt, Cairo
Level Chronology:
Chambers Of Tulun Citadel Gate Trenches

Citadel Gate is the twenty-third level in The Last Revelation and the third in the Cairo Section.

Lara's route does not take her inside the Citadel just yet. There is a large demonic creature which the wounded Sergeant Asisah tells Lara is a 'Creature from Egypt's Past' - it looks like a Dragon as it is reptilian and breaths fire. Instead, Lara must begin her search for explosives to destroy the creature, as it cannot be destroyed by mere bullets.

The Citadel Gate therefore consists mostly of the surrounding streets. Lara finds an old burial place in the network of alleys that are filled with Crocodiles, Bats and Flying Scarabs. She must be ready to take to the rooftops, and cannot return to help Asisah destroy the Dragon without a Mine Detonator Body and Mine Position Data.


On her quest to save Jean-Yves from Werner Von Croy, Lara meets Asisah. He tells her about the horrifying creature that's stopping Lara from reaching the Citadel, the Creature from the Past. Lara must find a way to defeat the creature in order to continue her rescue mission.




There's only one secret to be found in this level.




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