Dangling Rope

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Dangling Rope
Related Objects Pit
Strategy grab hold of rope, swing and jump off

The Dangling Rope (in special cases, where they occur naturally, also Dangling Vine or Dangling Liana) is an obstacle common within the Tomb Raider Games.

Lara can use these ropes to swing and reach far away places.


To use it, jump to a rope and slide to the bottom. Turn into the direction you want to reach. Start swinging by pressing the Sprint Button. Jump when the rope has reached the highest point. In Legend or Anniversary, simply jump to it and swing in the direction you want, If you wanted to go up or down the rope, you would hold Interact and the direction you need to go.


Tomb Raider Legend

The first occurrence of the dangling vine is in the Bolivia level. And shortly after Lara encounters a dangling rope, probably left behind by Rutland's Mercenaries.


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