Sanitarium Inmates

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Sanitarium Inmates
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The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Fists, loose straps

The Sanitarium Inmates are enemies in The Angel of Darkness.


Bald human figures with very pale skin, striped dark grey jumpsuits. Marks on their bodies that hint that they've been subjects for some experiments during their captivity in the Strahov.



Since it's important so save ammunition for the Boran X to the fight against the Proto Nephilim, it might be best to only shoot the Inmates when it's necessary. But it's not easy, because the Sanitarium Inmates cause rather much damage, and there are not too many Health items to be picked up during the Kurtis levels.

Hand to Hand Combat is not very efficient against the Sanitarium Inmates.


Similar Enemies

As creepy, but undead, enemies as the Sanitarium Inmates

See also

A character that appears in the level The Sanitarium. He talks with Kurtis and tells more about the Proto Nephilim
The creature that the Sanitarium Inmates were fed to [1]


  1. In-game dialogue between Kurtis Trent and the Truckdriver

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