The Sanitarium

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The Sanitarium
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 10
Special Kurtis Level
Location Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
Bio-research Facility The Sanitarium Maximum Containment Area

The Sanitarium is the 28th level in The Angel of Darkness and is also the first level with Kurtis. The level is the fourth one in the Prague Section.


While Lara is stuck in an airlock, Kurtis Trent sets out to The Sanitarium to turn the power back on at the Strahov.


Kurtis approaches a Strahov Guard laying on the ground, who seems to be alive. Kurtis doesn't get very close, since the Proto Nephilim drags the guard away, climbing up to the ventilation shaft and growling menacingly.

  • Kurtis: And I thought this would be one of my easy days.

Kurtis enters a small cellroom, where he meets a truckdriver.

  • Kurtis: Hey, take it easy. What's going on down here?
  • Truckdriver: Dying! We're all dying! The Proto's on the loose. Black Angel's gonna kill us.
  • Kurtis: Get a grip! What's gonna kill us?
  • Truckdriver: The Proto! It got free. We got fed to it but it ate the guards when the power shut down.
  • Kurtis: What the hell's the Proto?
  • Truckdriver: The screamer! The Black Angel.
  • Kurtis: Hey, I don't give a damn about your Black Angel. What are you doing down here?
  • Truckdriver: I didn't sign on for this. Not devils and shadows. I'm just a truck driver.
  • Kurtis: What? You drove here?
  • Truckdriver: Four days on the road, from Turkey. Long way. Long way.
  • Kurtis: What did you bring here? What were you carrying?
  • Truckdriver: Death in five tons of stone. The Sleeper. Drove here, then they grabbed us. She locked us in here with her hungry pet the screamer. The Proto!
  • Kurtis: You were fed to that thing?
  • Truckdriver: Fed to it, yes. But not me. I'm safe in here.
  • Kurtis: Yeah, sure. Keep the door locked, OK.

Kurtis uses his abilities to see past the hallways and to obtain the first Farsee Code, 06289, that's written on a note at a control room.

A scientist is working in a laboratory room. The Proto is stalking him up in the ventilation ducts, growling in hunger. The scientist is startled by the noise, and the creature jumps out of its hiding place. The scientist tries to escape, but the Proto is faster, jumping right in front of him. The Proto then attacks the scientist.



Artefacts & Keys



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


There are not any specific traps in the level, but falling off from high ledges can be lethal.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


The path to the Maximum Containment Area is filled with hostile Sanitarium Inmates, not to mention the scary atmosphere. As there aren't many first aid items and ammunition to pick up, it'd be wise to try to avoid taking damage and shooting.