Maximum Containment Area

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Maximum Containment Area
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 11
Special Kurtis Level
Location Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
The Sanitarium Maximum Containment Area Aquatic Research Area

The Maximum Containment Area is the 5th level the Prague Section of The Angel of Darkness and the second Kurtis Level.


Kurtis continues his travel to the room where he can turn the power back on.


Kurtis goes down some stairs, and he hears the loud growling of the Proto Nephilim. Apparently it has followed him, and after eating some of the Strahov Guards it now wants to eat Kurtis as a dessert. Kurtis rushes down to a large hall, and uses his powers to bring down a metal door. But this doesn't stop the Proto, as it finds a way to Kurtis via the ventilation ducts.

After battling against the Proto, Kurtis goes to its weakened body and stabs it with his Periapt Shard.

End Cutscene

Kurtis has now turned the power back on in the Strahov. He returns to the airlock where Lara was trapped, only to find it empty. With his Boran X ready, he enters the airlock, not knowing that Lara is hiding on the ceiling. She hops down from there, kicks Kurtis' weapon off from his hand and points him with her pistol. Kurtis closes his eyes, as if to be ready for the lethal shot to the head. Lara fires, but not at Kurtis - she shoots a Sanitarium Inmate that was behind him.

  • Kurtis: Thanks.
  • Lara: Glad you came back to save me stranger.
  • Kurtis: Name's Kurtis.
  • Lara: Lara. And this is business.

Lara grabs Kurtis and pushes him against the wall to frisk him.

  • Kurtis: I owe you one.
  • Lara: You owe me a painting.
  • Kurtis: Sorry. That went AWOL at the Louvre.

Lara throws Kurtis' Chirugai to the floor.

  • Lara: What brings you here from Paris.
  • Kurtis: Eckhardt! We have business that only one of us will walk away from. You?
  • Lara: Personal reasons.
  • Kurtis: Eckhardt plans to use all five Obscura Paintings to revive an ancient evil called The Sleeper and rebreed the Nephilim race. To do that he collects alchemically transmuted elements from his murder victims' bodies.
  • Lara: I've seen him at work as the Monstrum, with that glove.
  • Kurtis: Eckhardt is the original Black Alchemist and now he's very close to finding the last Painting.

Kurtis activates his Chirugai by just a tiny move of his fingers. It starts to glow and fly, and the blades extract from it. The Chirugai flies around Lara.

  • Lara: Does he know where it is?
  • Kurtis: Yes. It's hidden in a Lux Veritatis Vault beneath the Strahov. That Painting must be destroyed and to do that I need the Shard you picked up at the Louvre.
  • Lara: There should be three Periapt Shards.
  • Kurtis: Eckhardt has the last one. If all three Shards are united they can destroy him permanently, so he keeps it safe.
  • Lara: Tell me about the Shards.
  • Kurtis: They're ancient weapons of the Lux Veritatis. Two of them were entrusted to my father. Eckhardt murdered him to stop them passing into my hands. He failed.
  • Lara: So Eckhardt went after your father. And you want revenge.

Kurtis turns around in anger and catches his Chirugai.

  • Kurtis: Justice!
  • Lara: We should work together.
  • Kurtis: You're trusting me?
  • Lara: Here. How can they be used to kill Eckhardt?
  • Kurtis: He must be stabbed with all three Shards.
  • Lara: We can dvide the forces against us if we split up. You need the third Shard so you should go after that. I'll find the last Painting and destroy it.

Both Lara and Kurtis examine an old map of the area, together.

  • Kurtis: OK. Eckhardt guards the Shard in his old alchemy lab in the lower regions. I can find my way there.
  • Lara: The Engraving shows the Painting hidden in something called the Vault of Trophies. Here. The entrance is underwater. No problem.

They separate and go to their own locations.



Artefacts & Keys



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


There are not any specific traps in this level. There's one pool of water which is deadly for Kurtis as he apparently can't swim.

Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


To accomplish the objectives, Kurtis must travel through the area, which has many Sanitarium Inmates. As there aren't many First Aid Items or [[ammunition] to pick up, it's recommended to save ammo for the Proto and not to take much damage.