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Periapt Shards
Found 2003
Paris, France

Prague, Czech Republic

Game(s) The Angel of Darkness
Level Found Galleries Under Siege

Boaz Returns
Eckhardt's Lab

Level Used Eckhardt's Lab

The Periapt Shards (or Crystal Shards), also referred to as Weapons of Light, are artefacts playing an important role in The Angel of Darkness.

It is said that only these can destroy Eckhardt for good, so Lara sets out to collect them all.

Crystal Shard of unknown origin.
In-game information[1]


There are three of these artefacts. They were in the possession of the Lux Veritatis who used them to bind the black Alchemist Pieter van Eckhardt for centuries. In an ancient drawing these three shards surround a lion head. The lion is probably the Golden Lion mentioned in the prophecy of the Nephilim.


The Periapt Shards were most likely created at the biblical times to destroy the Nephilim race. They were later acquired by the Lux Veritatis to defeat the Black Alchemist, Pieter Van Eckhardt.


The first one of the Shards she finds in the Louvre, in the level Galleries Under Siege. It seems that Kurtis Trent lost it and Lara picked it up, but he managed to get the Obscura Painting from her instead. She will get the first again and second one from Kurtis in the level Boaz Returns, when he sends Lara away to stop Eckhardt and takes on the mutated Boaz himself. The third one is found in Eckhardt's Lab, where he kept it safe in a pool of boiling water which Lara has to cool down before she can get the Shard.

Before he hands them over to Lara, Kurtis will use his Shard to kill the Proto Nephilim in the Maximum Containment Area.

When Lara confronts Eckhardt, she must stab him with all three shards. She stabs him with two of them, but the third is used by Joachim Karel.


The Periapt Shards are crystalline shards, shaped like spearheads.


The Shards are the only weapons that can be used to kill a Nephilim or a creature with Nephilim origin. They are also the only powerful enough weapons to kill The Black ALchemist, Eckhardt.


Official Texts

THE PERIAPT SHARDS - Here’s something about the Periapt Shards. They were said to be three 'weapons of light' three crystalline shards shaped like spearheads Hm! No one knows how they worked.
In-game information[2]

The Periapt Shards are the only thing that can harm or weaken Eckhardt. The Lux Veritatis used all three Shards to keep Eckhardt locked away for 500 years.
In-game information[3]

That Paintings must be destroyed and to do that I need the Shard you picked up at the Louvre. There should be three Periapt Shards. Eckhardt has the last one. If all three Shards are united they can destroy him permanently, so he keeps it safe. - Tell me about the Shards. - They're ancient weapons of the Lux Veritatis. Two of them were entrusted to my father. Eckhardt murdered him to stop them passing into my hands. He failed.
Kurtis Trent[4]

The three Periapts joined together burn with righteous light to confine evil.
[citation needed]

It's half Nephilim. That makes it impossible to kill without your Periapt Shard.
Kristina Boaz[5]

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The father of Kurtis Trent, kept the Periapt Shards for himself until he was murdered by Pieter Van Eckhardt
Last one who can finish the work of the Lux Veritatis, son of Konstantin Heissturm
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The half-Nephilim creature created by Kristina Boaz


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