Boaz Returns

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Boaz Returns
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 14
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 10 minutes

Special Kurtis Level
Location Europe, Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
The Vault of Trophies Boaz Returns The Lost Domain

Boaz Returns is the title of a level in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. It's the eighth level in the Prague Section and the last one of the three Kurtis Levels.

The level is one of the hardest in the game, since Boaz is a tough boss and Kurtis is a bit difficult to handle.


Kurtis has helped Lara to escape from Boaz by helping her jump out of the drained pool they both were in. Now he has to fight against the mutated form of Kristina Boaz.


Injured Kurtis is leaving the huge corpse of the spider-like Boaz creature.

  • Kurtis: That - wasn't - so - hard!

However, he is interrupted by the disturbing sounds that Boaz makes when she turns into sort of a mosquito form, growling loudly.

  • Kurtis: Oh gimme a break!

End Cutscene

After defeating the "mosquito-Boaz", Kurtis is once again leaving the arena. He doesn't notice that Boaz isn't dead after all, and he is suddenly stabbed from behind by Boaz. Kurtis' chirugai starts to fly and cuts Boaz's severed head off. Kurtis collapses to the ground, and falls into unconsciousness with his bad injures.







Traps & Obstacles

There aren't any traps or obstacles in the level, since it consists of only the battling area.


Fighting against Boaz can be very though, since it's a challenging enemy and Kurtis doesn't maneuver very smoothly. First you have to defeat Boaz's spider form and then her mosquito form.


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