Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Story

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The Story of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness deals with Lara Crofts search for the murderer of Werner von Croy and finding a way to clear her own name.

[At the beginning of the game]

  • Narrator: There have been 17 reported murders so far in this latest outbreak of Monstrum killings. It would appear to be the work of a single highly psychotic perpetrator. The name of the latest victim was just released: professor Werner Von Croy. A female, described as Caucasian, brunette, and wearing a pony-tail was seen leaving the most recent crime-scene. Officers are advised to use extreme caution when apprehending the suspect. At present, nothing appears to link any of the individuals involved. There are no known survivors of these attacks, so far.
  • Lara: Not a lot of passing trade at this hour?
  • Janice: It's early yet. Move along ma chère, you make the place look crowded.
  • Pierre [from Cafe Metro]: That information is very dangerous.
  • Lara: I'm a dangerous girl, and right now I'm losing patience!
  • Lara: What happened to your man in the room out there, Bouchard?
  • Bouchard: To Arnaud? You've got something to say about that?
  • Lara: Maybe. It might be linked to what happened to a friend of mine.
  • Bouchard: I doubt it. Get out of here.
  • Lara: Do you know the name Eckhardt?
  • Bouchard: Never heard of him.
  • Lara: Ok. You helped a friend of mine a while back. Werner Von Croy.
  • Bouchard: Names don't mean a lot here. Even real ones. What did he want?
  • Lara: Maps and information, on the Louvre.
  • Bouchard: I remember. Four weeks ago. Wanted to take a couch load of Japanese tourists to see the Mona Lisa.

[After being knocked over, Lara is found by Bouchard]

  • Bouchard: You ok?
  • Lara: Bouchard! What are you doing here?
  • Bouchard: No time now. Quickly!
  • Lara: Was anyone around when you got here?
  • Bouchard: No. No one. Come on!
  • Lara: Bouchard, I must get to Von Croy's apartment. There's something I have to check out there.
  • Bouchard: Your friend's place. Of course. Where is it?
  • Lara: Rue Valise. The Chantell building. Do you know it?
  • Bouchard: My driver will. Get it.

[They both climb in the car]

  • Lara: What were you doing at the Louvre?
  • Bouchard: Trawling police short wave. You were attracting a lot of attention in there. I figured you might need help.
  • Lara: Thanks.
  • Bouchard: Wouldn't you prefer somewhere safer than your friend's apartment?
  • Lara: I found some leads in the Louvre that may link to his death. I have to check is apartment.
  • Bouchard: We're almost there.There's something you should know. The police bands were full of details of another Monstrum killing- in Prague.
  • Lara: Prague!? Not a dealer named Vasiley? Mathias Vasiley
  • Bouchard: Yes. You knew him?
  • Lara: He's connected with what I need to find at Von Croy's apartment.

[Bouchard begins to sit up]

  • Lara: I need to go in alone.
  • Bouchard:Ok, I'll wait here.
  • Lara: Appreciate it, Bouchard.

[After she leaves, Bouchard makes a phone call ]

  • Bouchard: She's inside now. You can send in the cleaner.
  • Bouchard [over the Cleaner's cellular phone]: Is she taken care of yet? Hello? Is she dead yet? We have to get back to Prague.
  • Lara: No, Bouchard. She isn't. But your little friend is. I'll take care of you later.

[She throws away the cellular phone]

  • Lara: It's time I visited Prague.
  • Lara: If I had a coconut for every time some lunatic said something like that...
  • Eckhardt: Congratulations Miss Croft, you are positively Amazonian. That Vault has defeated us for months.
  • Lara: What do you want, Eckhardt?
  • Eckhardt: I'm not interested in you or your friend, Miss Croft. Give me the Painting and you may both leave.
  • Lara: What choice do I have?...

[Kurtis,unconscious, is pushed of the platform]

  • Eckhardt: Gunderson, release Boaz. This old colleague of mine was once a human- before she displeased me.

[Muller follows Eckhardt as he begins to move away]

  • Eckhardt: Not you Muller, you useless piece of dross! You failed me too!

[Muller is pushed of the platform and falls victim to Boaz.]

  • Kurtis: Come on. I'll give you a boost.

[Lara jumps on the above platform]

  • Lara: Kurtis, quick!
  • Kurtis: Here! Take these two!

[He throws her the Shards]

  • Lara: These are your speciality, Kurtis.
  • Kurtis: Go on! You're wasting time! Don't worry about ugly here. I can take care of her.
  • Eckhardt: Still alive, Miss Croft? You are resilient. But over the decades I've killed more mortals like you than I can remember.
  • Lara: And stole their body parts like a cheap grave robber.
  • Eckhardt: As I will now take yours.
  • Lara: To wake this thing? You are grotesque!
  • Eckhardt: Only my great arts can cause the higher race to flourish again.
  • Lara: So, I guess it's up to me to stop you then?
  • Eckhardt: I hunted down and killed the last of the Lux Veritatis. I am immortal!

[Lara holds one Shard in the air]

  • Eckhardt: The Shards!
  • Lara: Scary, huh? For you.
  • Eckhardt: It is my destiny to breed Hell on earth. You are nothing to me.
  • Lara: D'you know it's going to be a real pleasure to shut you up.

[Lara prepares to stab Eckhardt with the Shard, but is stopped]

  • Lara: Karel?!
  • Eckhardt: Go on! Kill her!

[Karel pauses and turns to stab Eckhardt]

  • Karel: I knew you'd find the third Shard.
  • Lara: But why? You worked for him.
  • Karel: No, unknowingly he worked for me, but his usefulness was ended.
  • Lara: Will you destroy his work?
  • Karel: Of course not. The Great Work will be finished. I'm offering you the chance to become part of a benign new order in the world.
  • Lara: You are kidding! Right!

[Karel's appearance begins to change, his face is covered with marks]

  • Karel: We Nephilim have only ever been trying to survive.
  • Lara: Too many people have died for me to trust you. Including a good friend, Von Croy.

[He keep switching appearances, looking like Bouchard, Luddick and then Kurtis]

  • Karel: He was an unfortunate victim of history, Lara. Eckhardt was stupid to have killed him. I have helped you all along, both here and in Paris. You can trust me Lara Croft.

[Lara sees the mark on his right hand]

  • Lara: You killed Von Croy!
  • Karel: Stupid mortal. So be it!