Kristina Boaz

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Kristina Boaz
Born 1958
Died 2003 (Age 45)
Prague, Czech Republic
Nationality Argentinian
Occupation Chief Consultant Surgeon, head of Corrective and Remedial Medicin
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Kristina Boaz is a character that appears in The Angel of Darkness.

She comes from Argentina and she is a medical expert of the Cabal. Boaz lives in Prague and works at the Corrective and Remedial Surgery at the Strahov Psychiatric Institute, also based in Prague. In 1987 she survived a terrible plane crash, and today she is still wearing the marks of this incident.

Eckhardt ordered her to destroy the Proto Nephilim as it was highly dangerous but Boaz failed to do so because she needed Eckhardt's Periapt Shard. She confesses to him she did not kill the Proto Nephilim. Calling her a great disappointment Eckhardt feeds her to a mutant spider creature Boaz refered to as "the pod".

As Opponent

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Kristina Boaz returns in the level Boaz Returns as a creature merged with her and "the pod". Kurtis Trent battles against her.