Eckhardt's Lab

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Eckhardt's Lab
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 16
Location Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
The Lost Domain Eckhardt's Lab Bolivia - Tiwanaku

Eckhardt's Lab is the last level of The Angel of Darkness and also the last level of the Prague Section.


After finding her way through the traps Lara finally enters Eckhardt's laboratory. There she must find the last Periapt Shard so that she can finally kill Eckhardt and end all of the madness.


Pieter Van Eckhardt is activating some alchemic machinery and assembling The Sanglyph. Blue electric lights strike Eckhardt as if he is being charged with some supernatural energy. Eckhardt screams and the same "activation" is happening to The Sleeper. Lara fires at Eckhardt, but the bullet hits The Sanglyph.

  • Eckhardt: Still alive Miss Croft. You are resilient. But over the decades I've killed more mortals like you than I can remember.
  • Lara: And stole their body parts like a cheap grave robber.
  • Eckhardt: As I will now take yours.
  • Lara: To wake this thing? You are grotesque!
  • Eckhardt: Only my great arts can cause the higher race to flourish again.
  • Lara: So, I guess it's up to me to stop you then?
  • Eckhardt: I hunted down and killed the last of the Lux Veritatis. I am immortal!

Lara holds one of the Periapt Shards in the air.

  • Eckhardt: The Shards!
  • Lara: Scary, huh? For you.
  • Eckhardt: It is my destiny to breed Hell on earth. You are nothing to me.
  • Lara: D'you know it's going to be a real pleasure to shut you up.

Eckhardt is weakened by the fight and he collapses next to a pillar. Lara is about to rush and stab him with her Shard but Joachim Karel grabs her hand before she hits Eckhardt. Karel takes the Shard to himself.

  • Lara: (pointing him with her pistols) Karel?!
  • Eckhardt: Go on! Kill her!

For Lara's great surprise, Karel doesn't stab her - he kills Eckhardt by stabbing him with the gloving Shard right to the forehead.

  • Karel: I knew you'd find the third Shard.
  • Lara: But why? You worked for him.
  • Karel: No, unknowingly he worked for me, but his usefulness was ended.
  • Lara: Will you destroy his work?
  • Karel: Of course not. The Great Work will be finished. I'm offering you the chance to become part of a benign new order in the world.
  • Lara: You are kidding! Right!

Karel's appearance begins to change, his face is covered with marks. He turns around to reveal his changed self.

  • Karel: We Nephilim have only ever been trying to survive.
  • Lara: Too many people have died for me to trust you. Including a good friend, Von Croy.

Karel keeps switching appearances, looking first like Bouchard, then like Luddick and then - like Kurtis Trent, which shocks Lara.

  • Karel: He was an unfortunate victim of history, Lara. Eckhardt was stupid to have killed him. I have helped you all along, both here and in Paris. You can trust me Lara Croft.

As Karel gives Lara his hand as a gesture of trust, she sees the mark on his right palm. Lara gets a flashback of the murder of Von Croy and recognizes Karel to be the murderer of Werner Von Croy, not Pieter Van Eckhardt.

  • Lara: You killed Von Croy!
  • Karel: Stupid mortal. So be it!

Karel starts to glow green light and is ready to fight against Lara.

End Cutscene

Lara has jumped to The Sleeper and is hanging from its leg. She uses The Sanglyph to destroy it by touching the creature with it. Bright light beams start to emerge from the creature. Lara leaps off from it to the ground and runs away to avoid being struck with whatever might come flying to the air. Karel is hit with one of the mysterious light beams and he yells in agony. Both The Sleeper and Karel explode, and Lara keeps running from the explosion.

Lara returns to the area where Kurtis Trent fought against Boaz. She goes to a large puddle of blood, where Kurtis' chirugai lies on the ground. Lara takes it to her hands and the blades extract from it. She hold it in front of her and the chirugai seems to pull her towards a great, dark doorway where she then goes.



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Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


After fighting through undead knights and obstacles, Lara finally reaches her enemy's laboratory. Lara must find her way to Eckhardt and the Sleeper in order to destroy them.


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