Joachim Karel

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Joachim Karel
Died In 2003
Prague, Czech Republic
Game(s) Angel of Darkness

Joachim Karel is a character from Angel of Darkness and the game's final boss.

Karel is one of the "major players" of the Cabal, and he had secretly been manipulating Pieter van Eckhardt to revive the ancient Sleeper.

At the end of the game, Karel doublecrosses Pieter van Eckhardt, stabbing him with Lara's last Periapt Shard right to the forehead. He then explains to Lara that he was actually helping her, and reveals to be of the Nephilim race and haveing the ability of shapeshifting. While explaining his intentions and plans to Lara, Joachim changes his appearance to Bouchard, Luddick and even to Kurtis, which shocks her immensely.

Lara soon realizes that it was him who killed her mentor Werner von Croy in his apartment in the form of Pieter van Eckhardt, when she sees the symbol on his hand.

Lara fights against him, and eventually Joachim Karel is killed by a powerful light beam, shooting from the Sleeper that is destroyed by Lara with the Sanglyph.

As Opponent

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As Joachim Karel revealed himself to be a Nephilim, he offers Lara a place in the new benign order on Earth which he will be creating by reviving the Nephilim race. Lara refuses, and is forced to fight against him.



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