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Remark: This article describes the final boss Karel in The Angel of Darkness. For information about him as a character, see Joachim Karel.

Tr6 traod karel.png

The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Main Boss
Classification Mythical Creatures [1]
Distinctiveness Can not be killed normally
Weapons Energy bolts

Karel is an enemy and also the final boss in The Angel of Darkness.



Joachim Karel is one of the Cabal members, who are trying to revive the Nephilim race to its glory, which will grant them immortality. However, it turns out that Karel has had his own plans all along, manipulating Pieter van Eckhardt to help him.

He reveals to Lara that he is actually also a Nephilim, and offers her a place in the new benign order on Earth. Lara refuses, and fights against him.


Karel has the abilities to fly and shoot energy bolts. He is also a shapeshifter, but he does not use this ability in the battle.


Shooting Karel is only waste of ammunition, since he can't be killed by bullets. Instead, run to Eckhardt's body and pick up the Eckhardt's Glove. Then, run to the column on the left where the glove can be used on a switch.

This lowers two sets of ladders that will lead up from the pit. Pick either one of them, climb up, and then look for another ladder to climb up again. Run to the platform behind the contol panel where a third ladder is located and climb up.

Look for the ramp that leads to The Sleeper, run towards it and jump to the creature. This starts the ending cutscene, where Lara destroys both The Sleeper and Karel.

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  1. It is revealed in the end of the game, that Joachim Karel is actually a Nephilim

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