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The Angel of Darkness, Tomb Raider Legend.

Enemy Type regular enemy
Classification Animals, Dogs
Weapons teeth

The Pitbull is an enemy found in The Angel of Darkness and Tomb Raider Legend.


The Pitbull is a small but muscular dog. They are either brown and black (AoD) or brown and white (TRL) in colour.


The first time Lara encounters a pitbull, it is chained and cannot harm her unless she gets too close.
In Japan they appear accompanying the Yakuza and in Cornwall, England they attack alongside Rutland's Mercenaries. This job is perfect for them as they were bred for fighting. Their attacks include biting and scratching.


On both occurrences these dogs aren't much of a danger and can be killed with a few shots. In the Tokyo level of Tomb Raider Legend Lara can shoot them from above, from the garden area, where they cannot get.


Similar Enemies

The pitbulls are considerably smaller than other dogs, but they do almost as much damage.

The jackals and Anubis dog encountered in The Last Revelation is of similar size.
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