The Cleaner

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The Cleaner
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The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Distinctiveness A certain sequence must be followed in order to be defeated
Weapons Viper SMG, Dual Handguns

The Cleaner is an enemy that Louis Bouchard sends in to Von Croy's Apartment to attempt to kill Lara Croft in The Angel of Darkness. He is armed with very good weaponry.


Dark clothes, a bullet proof vest, a red cap and sunglasses. Several cans, that might be either explosives or filled with gas, strapped on his vest.



The Cleaner can't be killed by just shooting at him. It's recommended to take a look at the Von Croy's Apartment and to take advantage of the bug that enables picking up an infinite amount of Rigg 09 Clips before picking up the Jackal Walking Stick, since picking it up makes The Cleaner appear.

As The Cleaner has appeared, keep shooting at him with the Rigg09 until he runs to the corridor that was previously blocked by lasers and explosives. The Cleaner will keep on appearing in different rooms a couple of times, and the things to do are always the same: just keep shooting at him, until he runs off, disabling each time a set of lasers and explosives.

Eventually the sequence will come to an end where Lara kills The Cleaner and takes his jeep and leaves towards Prague.

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