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Bugs are usually program errors, which will keep the game from working correctly. There are a lot of those throughout the Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Games. Some can be quite useful, others might make the game difficult or impossible.

While in the Classic era bugs were seldom fixed, later games - starting with Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Patches were released to remove bugs, especially those that prevent the player from successfully finishing the game.

Serious Bugs

The serious bugs will hinder the player to continue as planned.

This bug appears in Tomb Raider III, especially in the 3rd London level Lud's Gate. It will cause Invisible Walls to appear.
This bug appears in Tomb Raider Chronicles, especially in the last level Red Alert. The player has to be very careful where he saves the game, otherwise things might not be working correctly.
The Angel of Darkness is filled with annoying bugs. While some cause the game to crash, others cause Lara to walk through the wall, to fall through the floor into the next level, or to shimmy in thin air. See Bugs in The Angel of Darkness for more information.
The same bug can occur in Lara Croft: Relic Run.

Helpful Bugs

The following bugs only occur when the gamer does certain moves in certain areas. They wont stop the gamer from finishing the game, but may help him to do so quicker, or use unconventional paths.

This bug will enable one to reach higher levels that should not be accessible. The player only has to find a fitting corner on which to perform the corner bug.
The fence bug can be found in the original Tomb Raider and its add on Unfinished Business. It enables the player to slip through a gap in fences.
The crate bug can be found in Custom Levels created with the Level Editor. It can be used to get behind a crate without moving it.
The cover bug can be found in Tomb Raider III, in the London Levels. There are actually two different bugs, that will enable Lara to press a button before the cover above it is opened.
On walls with ladders shimmy around corners.
Increases the firing rate of the Rocket Launcher in Tomb Raider III, Useful for defeating bosses or similarly powerful enemies.
Reach platforms that are normally inaccessible by dropping down over a ledge.
Use the Hydro Propeller in Tomb Raider III to fly through the level Lud's Gate