Red alert!

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Red alert!
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section VCI Section
Level No 13
Secrets 3
Location USA, New York
Level Chronology:
Escape with the Iris Red alert! Parisian Backstreets

Red alert! is the last level of Tomb Raider Chronicles.


Having escaped with her rifle, Lara is now being chased by a helicopter which is circling the building. The starwell is under attack and parts of it are collapsing, so Lara has to head for the roof and use alternative means of escape.

She is confronted by numerous soldiers and armored troops and obtains a grappling gun, allowing her to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Further int othe level, Lara encounters two cyborgs, which are invincible to her weapons. She destroys the first one by damaging it first, then flooding the room to short-circuit it. She manages to trap the second one in a room and suffocate it with toxic gas.

The cyborgs carry two key fragments, which can be combined to make the key for the exit door, which leads Lara to the roof and her escape route.




There are three secrets in this level.



Artefacts and Keys


Traps and Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers, Riddles


Saving in this level becomes very difficult as there are countless savegame bugs that, when triggered, may cause gameplay problems that cannot be overcome.

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