Von Croy's Apartment

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Von Croy's Apartment
The Angel of Darkness
Section Von Croy's Apartment Section
Level No 6
Location France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Galleries Under Siege Von Croy's Apartment The Monstrum Crimescene

Von Croy's Apartment is a level in Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness. It's the only level of the Von Croy's Apartment Section. The location of the level is, as the name indicates, the apartment of Werner von Croy in Paris.


Louis Bouchard gives Lara a ride to the apartment of Werner von Croy a few days after the murder. Lara is investigating there, and she finds out information about the Obscura Paintings and much more. However, Bouchard sends The Cleaner inside, to eliminate Lara.


Lara and Louis Bouchard are discussing in his car, driving to the apartment of Werner von Croy. Bouchard: We're almost there. There's something you should know. The police bands were full of details of another Monstrum killing - in Prague. The car pulls down to a building. Lara: Prague! Not a dealer named Vasiley? Mathias Vasiley?

  • Bouchard: Yes. You knew him?
  • Lara: He's connected with what I need to find at Von Croy's apartment.

Bouchard leans forward, as if to exit the car.

  • Lara: (leaving the car) I need to go in alone.
  • Bouchard: OK. I'll wait here.
  • Lara: Appreciate it Bouchard.

Lara leaves, Bouchard takes out his cellphone and dials a number.

  • Bouchard: She's inside now. You can send in the cleaner.

The camera zooms to the Jackal Walking Stick and shows the interior of the apartment of Werner von Croy. Everything have been left untouched after the murder, there's blood on the carpet, tripped over chairs and other things. Lara enters the dark apartment, ripping off the ribbons on the door left there by the police. She goes further inside the apartment, seeing eerie symbols on the walls. As she walks, she steps onto a photograph of her and Werner. Lara takes a closer look at it, places it on a cabinet and takes a look of herself from a blood stained mirror. She gets a flashback of what happened there when Werner was murdered.

End Cutscene

Lara walks to the dead body of The Cleaner. His cellphone is ringing, and Lara answers to it.

  • Bouchard: Is she taken care of yet? Hello? Is she dead yet? We have to get back to Prague.
  • Lara: No Bouchard - She isn't. But your little friend is. I'll take care of you later.

Lara throws the cellphone to the floor, and the nervous Mr. Bouchard rushes his driver to drive away. Lara deactivates the explosives, unlocks The Cleaner's car and picks up Vasiley's contact card. Lara: It's time I visited Prague.



Artefacts & Keys




First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

There are not any specifis obstacles, triggers or puzzles in the level, but defeating The Cleaner can be considered as a sort of a puzzle, since it's not just plain shooting.


Take your time to investigate inside the apartment, leave picking up the Jackal Walking Stick for last, since it causes The Cleaner to appear. Remember to take advantage of the useful bug, if you want (details below). After The Cleaner has appeared, the goal is to keep shooting at him until he runs away, deactivating sets of lasers and explosives. This has to be done a couple of times to defeat him.

Useful Bug

When starting the level, leave picking up the Rigg 09 and the Jackal Walking Stick for last. Now you should be able to pick up the Rigg 09 Clips next to the column infinite times, until you pick up the weapon. This is very useful against The Cleaner, who enters as soon as you've picked up the Jackal Walking Stick and in later in the game, too, since the Rigg 09 is the only weapon that Lara carries with her to the end.

Information obtained in the level

By Von Croy's desk Lara finds information about the Lux Veritatis, The Sanglyph and the Cabal.

  • THE LUX VERITATIS - Aha! Facts about the Lux Veritatis. They were a 12th century offshot of the Knights Templar. Dedicated to suppressing evil, ... particularly works of Sorcery and alchemy. Responsible for destroying Eckhardt, the Black Alchemist, in 1445. Or so it says here.
  • THE SANGLYPH - There's information here on the Sanglyph. It says the Black Alchemist, Pieter Van Eckhardt, created an artifact of alchemic power, the Sanglyph. It was made in five metallic parts and hidden. Perhaps those where the metal symbols in the Obscura Paintings.

On the small table in the bedroom lies a book about the Cabal.

  • THE CABAL - Let's see what we have on the Cabal... a powerful alliance of five alchemists and sorcerers in the 13 and 14oo's. Eckhard is said to have betrayed and murdered almost all of them to control their secrets. Now that IS interesting! It says the Cabal and the Lux Veritatis battled constantly even after the disappearance of the Black Alchemist Eckhardt in 1445.