Rigg 09 Clip

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Rigg 09 Clip

The Rigg 09 Clip serves as ammunition for the Rigg 09 in The Angel of Darkness. It's first found in the level Von Croy's Apartment.

In-game Information

"9 Shot Magazine Of 9mm Ammo." [1]

A Useful Bug

When starting the level, leave picking up the Rigg 09 and the Jackal Walking Stick for last. Now you should be able to pick up the Rigg 09 Clips next to the column infinite times, until you pick up the weapon. This is very useful against The Cleaner, who enters as soon as you've picked up the Jackal Walking Stick and in later in the game, too, since the Rigg 09 is the only weapon that Lara carries with her to the end.


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