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The Monstrum is a nickname for a creature in The Angel of Darkness that is responsible for many killings in Paris and later Prague.

Lara first hears of it when her former mentor Werner Von Croy is murdered and she's suspected of having something to do with the murder. Just after she has left there after picking up Werner's Diary, Margot Carvier is also murdered by the Monstrum in her apartment. Again Lara has been spotted leaving the crime scene.

When searching for Louis Bouchard in the Parisian Ghetto, she hears a lot of street-talk about the Monstrum. "The Monstrum has got everyone too scared to talk", she hears from one of the people lurking on the streets. The Monstrum is also suspected for many murders in Bouchard's night club Le Serpent Rouge.

When Lara enters the sewers, searching for Bouchard's Hideout, she finds a badly injured man, by the name of Arnaud, who looks as if some kind of metal melted with his body, clearly one of the victims of the Monstrum.

Lara learns that Pieter Van Eckhardt is the Monstrum and has been killing all these people with his glove which utilizes the Sanglyph, to then collect alchemically transmuted elements from his victims' bodies, which would help him in reviving the Sleeper.

However at the end of the game Lara learns that Joachim Karel is a changeling and has posed as Eckhardt on many occasions and that he is actually responsible for some of the murders, like the one of Von Croy.

the Monstrum' s Victims

Official Texts

The latest victim of the Paris 'Monstrum' was discovered yesterday. The mutilated body of professor Margot Carvier was found after a woman was seen leaving the building under suspicious circumstances. The police are anxious to interview Lara Croft. The notorious Monstrum serial killer has periodically terrorized Paris and other European capitals over the last decade. A characteristic of these brutal attacks is the bizarre metallic eruptions on many parts of the victims' bodies. Forensic specialists are mystified by the process involved. There have been no reports of any survivors of these unconnected attacks.
The Monstrum has struck again. This time the victim was a professor Margot Carvier of the department of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the Louvre. Her body was discovered yesterday and police want to interview a woman seen leaving the premises around the time of the murder. She is described as Caucasian, brunette, about 1.8m and slim build. When last seen she was wearing jeans, dark jacket and a pony tail. This follows the similar murder of Prof Werner Von Croy a world renowned archaeologist murdered two days ago in his apartment...