Tomas Luddick

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Died In 2001
Strahov, Prague, Czech Republic
Occupation Reporter
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Luddick is a character in The Angel of Darkness.

Lara meets Luddick in Prague during the level Monstrum Crimescene.

He is a reporter, who knows quite a lot about Mathias Vasiley and what's going on in Prague. He will also help Lara to get into the Strahov, in exchange of getting an exclusive story on whatever happens there and about the events in Paris.

Luddick gives Lara a gas powered pistol for the price of 800 euros, The Scorpion X, if you were nice in the conversation with him. If you didn't talk to him or weren't nice, you still have a chance to get it later on.

When sneaking around near the Strahov he is captured and brought to Eckhardt, who kills him.