Scorpion X

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Scorpion X

The Scorpion X is a weapon in The Angel of Darkness.

It's first found on The Monstrum Crime Scene as the reporter Luddick sells it to Lara for 800 Euros. If Lara doesn't have enpugh money to buy it, the Scorpion X can also be found at the end of The Strahov Fortress.

The Scorpion X machine pistol is one of the most versatile weapons in Lara's arsenal. With a 30-round clip and fully automatic fire, Lara can squeeze off a volley of rounds single-hadedly. Designed as a medium-range weapon, the Scorpion X doesn't lose much accuracy at long ranges, and it's not too unwieldy to use at point-blank range either.

Caliber: 9mm.

Rate of Fire: Medium range.

Efficiency: Full auto.

Ammo Type: Scorpion X Clip. 30 rounds.

Attachments: Optical silencer.

In-game Information

Fully automatic machine pistol. 9mm 30 shot clip. Medium range weapon.[1]



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