Bouchard's Hideout

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Bouchard's Hideout
The Angel of Darkness
Section Parisian Ghetto Section
Level No 2.8
Special This level can be accessed before it is playing an essential part in the story via the manholes around the club Le Serpent Rouge.
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
St. Aicard's Graveyard Bouchard's Hideout Rennes' Pawnshop

Bouchard's Hideout is a level in The Angel of Darkness, the eight sub level of the Parisian Ghetto.

Parts of the level can be accessed via manholes around the club Le Serpent Rouge, but there's nothing else to do there than picking up pickups, which have no effect on the main progress in the game. The main level is accessed after revealing the entrance at the St. Aicard's Graveyard.


Because of troubles at Louis Bouchard's Club Le Serpent Rouge, the Parisian underworld czar Louis Bouchard had to move to a secret hideout under St. Aicard's Church, in the basements.

As Lara makes her way in the depths of the hideout, she finds Arnaud, a man who worked for Bouchard, but lies deformed and visibly in pain on a stretcher. Bouchard refuses to answer what had happened to the man. Upon finding him, Lara has a discussion with Bouchard. He will hand her forge passports, which she has to deliver to Daniel Rennes. To reach Rennes' Pawnshop, she needs to cut across St. Aicard's Church and the Parisian Ghetto.



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Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


The path to Bouchard is pretty straight forward with some turns here and there. The main focus is on the interactive dialogue between Lara Croft and Louis Bouchard: if Lara is too aggressive, he will shoot her lethally. Once the dialogue has been done succesfully and Lara has gotten the passports, she must find her way out.