St. Aicard's Church

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St. Aicard's Church
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The Angel of Darkness
Section Parisian Ghetto
Level No 2.5
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 5 minutes

Special This is simply a sublevel of the Ghetto where Lara finds pawn items or needs to cross through.
Location Europe, France, Paris
Level Chronology:
Parisian Ghetto St. Aicard's Church Parisian Ghetto

St. Aicard's Church is part of the Parisian Ghetto level in The Angel of Darkness. The no-longer-functional church is used as a gym. Here you can make a bet with a gym trainer, Anton Gris and win his "fancy gold watch", noted as his prize possession in your inventory. On a upper level there are some items that you can collect and also Lara can gain an upgrade by moving a stone block.

The watch and some other items are valuable, therefore you can trade them in at Daniel Rennes's Pawn Shop. Trade them in before you confront Louis Bouchard as he is killed after that.


Only if Lara wins the bet with Anton Gris
In the upper area of the church

Traps and Obstacles

Moving the white marble block beneath the staue gives Lara an lower-body upgrade

Miscellaneous facts

Aicard is an unusual name, and there are a few (unlikely) candidates for "Saint Aicard".

  • Aicard of Marseilles was the Archbishop of Arles from 1070 to 1080, and remained as Archbishop after 1080 despite being deposed by Pope Gregory VII. [1] He is not a saint in the Catholic Church (for obvious reasons).
  • Amiel Aicard was the Abbot of the Cathar Monastery of the Château de Montségur, who escaped from Catholic persecution of the Cathars in 1244 [2], and who legend says hid a great treasure in the immense cave system known as the Grotte de Lombrives. [3] It is unlikely that there would be a "St. Aicard's Church" in Paris, unless it was a Cathar church that had somehow survived until the 20th century.
  • Jean François Victor Aicard (1848 - 1921) was a French poet, dramatist and novelist. [4]

Typical Scenery of the Level


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