Wad Of Passports

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Wad Of Passports

The Wad Of Passports is an item given to Lara by Louis Bouchard to be taken in to Rennes' Pawnshop in exchange for Lara getting equipment and gear for the Louvre Galleries.

The passports are Czech [1] and by taking them to Daniel Rennes, Lara'd get the equipment she needs for the right price. The following dialogue takes place in the Bouchard's Hideout concerning the Wad Of Passports:

  • Lara: What would you suggest?
  • Louis Bouchard: A trade. I have to get certain things into his [Rennes'] hands. Passports. You could deliver them for me.
  • Lara: Passports!
  • Louis Bouchard: Czech paspports. Nothing to dirty your hands with. It's a business arrangement.
  • Lara: For which [the Wad Of Passports] he [Rennes] would give me what I need?
  • Louis Bouchard: For the right price. The passports will prove you come through me.

In-game Information

"A Selection Of Fake Passports" [2]


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