Eckhardt's Glove

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Eckhardt's Glove


Created In the 15th century
Found 2003
Prague, Czech Republic
Destroyed 2003
Prague, Czech Republic
Current Status Destroyed in an explosion alongside The Sleeper and Joachim Karel
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness
Level Found Eckhardt's Lab
Level Used Eckhardt's Lab

Eckhardt's Glove is an artefact that is obtained once Pieter Van Eckhardt has been defeated during the level Eckhardt's Lab in The Angel of Darkness.

Glove Of Immeasurable Power, In The Right Hands
In-game Information [1]



In the 15th century, Pieter Van Eckhardt prepared to resurrect the extinct Nephilim race and created The Sanglyph for it. To wield it, he needed a special glove, which was also created at that time.


In 2003, Eckhardt's Glove was used as the primary weapon during the Monstrum killings. Lara fought against Eckhardt in Prague, and after his death she was able to pick up the glove. Lara needed it to wield The Sanglyph so that she could gain access to The Sleeper and destroy it.


A roughly formed glove that seems to consist of separate parts sewn together.


The glove can tear through flesh and kill. It is also needed to wield The Sanglyph which was created by Eckhardt.

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