Spirit of Brother Obscura

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Spirit of Brother Obscura

The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Distinctiveness Cannot be killed

The Spirit of Brother Obscura is an enemy in The Angel of Darkness which cannot be killed.

He guards one of the Obscura Paintings. As long as he is active and flying around nearby, the painting (a blue light) jumps from statue to statue.

Lara has to stun the ghost with the V-Packer.


Skeleton-like figure dressed to a black, tattered robe accompanied with red glowing light.



The Spirit of Brother Obscura cannot be killed at all. The only way to finish the room is to get the First Obscura Painting, but it's not easy since it'll keep switching from one statue's hands to another when Lara gets close to it. Not to mention the Spirit of Brother Obscura makes quite a lot of damage.

However, the Spirit of Brother Obscura can be stunned by shooting. Any weapon will do, but the V-Packer is most efficient. The Spirit will stay stunned for just a moment, so there's not much time to get the Obscura Painting. First, locate the painting (it glows on the hands of the statue it's located). Then, crawl towards the statue, as near as you can before the painting swtches places again. Start shooting at the Spirit until it's stunned and then get the painting.

The exit opens, so run there. The Spirit of Brother Obscura will keep following, but don't bother to shoot.

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