Louvre Guards

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Louvre Guards
Tr6 traod louvreguard2.PNG

The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Tasers

The Louvre Guards are enemies in The Angel of Darkness.


Uniformed guards, others are bald and others have hair.



To avoid causing too much disturbance in the Louvre and attracting Policemen and more Louvre Guards, try to find the most silent ways for killing the guards. For example the Dart SS gun or sneaking behind a Louvre Guard and pressing action to perform a silent kill are ways of dealing with them.


Similar Enemies

Enemies that appear alongside with the Louvre Guards in the level Louvre Galleries in The Angel of Darkness
Guards that appear in the level The Serpent Rouge in The Angel of Darkness

See Also

A painting located in the Louvre


The Louvre Guards can be heard speaking in French, unlike the Serpent Rouge Guards. For example, when they see Lara they occasionally shout "Hey, you" or "Stop in the name of the law".


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