Gunderson's Soldiers

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Gunderson's Soldiers
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The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Viper SMG, Mag Vega

The Gunderson's Soldiers are enemies in The Angel of Darkness.


Gas Masks, blue jump suits and heavy armour.


The dead bodies of Gunderson's Soldiers can be seen during the level The Sanitarium.


The Gunderson's Soldiers are very heavily armed, and can kill Lara quickly. It's best to try sprinting past them once Lara gets the ability or going as near them as possible and shooting them with any powerful weapon available.

Similar Enemies

Very similar looking guards that appear in the level The Strahov Fortress in The Angel of Darkness
Other heavily armed guards from the level The Bio-Research Facility in The Angel of Darkness
Other heavily armed guards from the level Aquatic Research Area in The Angel of Darkness

See Also

The boss of the Gunderson's Soldiers, who sends them to the Louvre

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