Mag Vega

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Mag Vega

The Mag Vega is an assault rifle modelled on the AK47 and found the Angel of Darkness. It is first available in Galleries Under Siege, carried by Marten Gunderson's mercenaries (and then again in other levels where they feature, for example The Strahov Fortress). This weapon is possibly one of best in AOD. It fires a lethal hail of 9mm lead at a blazing rate of fire, has a generous 30-shot clip, and is accurate at long range. There are also numerous pickups available for it.

Calibre: 9mm.

Rate of Fire: Single shot, semiautomatic and full auto.

Efficiency: Long range.

Ammo Type: Mag Vega Clip. 30 rounds.

Attachments: Optical silencer & laser sight.