Strahov Guards

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Strahov Guards
Tr6 traod strahov guard.PNG

The Angel of Darkness

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Viper SMG, Mag Vega

The Strahov Guards are enemies in The Angel of Darkness.


Gas Masks, blue jumpsuits, heavy armour. Some appear without the masks.



The Strahov Guards are heavily armed and usually appear in groups of at least two. They deplenish Lara's health very quickly. If possible, sneak behind a Strahov Guard by using the stealth mode and press action when behind him to kill him silently.


Similar Enemies

Very similar looking, heavily armed enemies from the level Galleries Under Siege in The Angel of Darkness
Heavily armed guards from the level The Bio-Research Facility in The Angel of Darkness
Heavily armed guards from the level Aquatic Research Area in The Angel of Darkness

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