Brother Obscura

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Brother Obscura
Died Paris, France
Occupation Leader of the Lux Veritatis
Game(s) The Angel of Darkness

Brother Obscura is a character in The Angel of Darkness.


Brother Obscura was the Christian monk who was the leader of the Lux Veritatis in putting a halt on Pieter van Eckhardt's plans in reviving the Nephilim and imprisoning him in a pit near Castle Kreigler, the headquarters of the Lux Veritatis. Being artist he was ordered to take all the original evil paintings of Eckhardt and paint over them with religious imagery and were christened the Obscura Paintings. He hid them across Europe in places only known to the Lux Veritatis but before that, he made secret copies of the paintings and they became known as the Obscura Engravings


When he died, his body was buried alongside one of the paintings in a extravagantly built tomb deeper beneath the French city of Paris and it was guarded by reanimated undead knights from anyone seeking its secrets.

As Opponent

In the level Hall of Seasons, Brother Obscura's tomb, Lara will meet the Spirit of Brother Obscura, who is guarding one of the paintings. Being a spirit, Brother Obscura cannot be killed, so Lara must find a way to bypass him and take the painting.

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