The Seraph

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The Seraph
Disappeared Centuries ago
Adriatic Sea
Found 1997
Maria Doria, Adriatic Sea
Game(s) Tomb Raider II
Level Found The Deck
Level Used Barkhang Monastery

The Seraph is an artefact Lara finds in Tomb Raider II aboard The Deck of the sunken Maria Doria.


This artefact was the reason why the Maria Doria sunk. The father of Brother Chan was responsible for the sinking. They wanted to prevent the artefact from being used by Gianni Bartoli.

The Seraph had been stolen centuries ago. The monks tried to keep the treasure concealed with prayers, till it fell into the hands of Gianni Bartoli.


A winged figure, apparently made from gold.


When placed on its receptacle, a seal in the Barkhang Monastery, The Seraph opens the entrance to the Catacombs of the Talion - a vast complex of caves and catacombs where a treasure called the Talion is kept.


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