Gianni Bartoli

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Gianni Bartoli
Died Before 1997
Maria Doria, Adriatic Sea
Nationality Italian
Children Marco Bartoli
Game(s) Tomb Raider II (mentioned)

Gianni Bartoli is a character in Tomb Raider II.

He is the deceased father of Marco Bartoli.

In the level Opera House, there are posters to be seen with the name "Bartoli" and a picture of a male figure. This male figure could possibly be either Gianni or his son Marco.


Gianni Bartoli found The Seraph somehow and he was travelling on the Maria Doria with the artefact in his possession.


The Maria Doria was bombed by the father of Brother Chan of the Barkhang Monastery. Gianni died under the sea when the ship went down. The Seraph remained amongst the Wreck of the Maria Doria.


Marco Bartoli tells to Fabio, how Gianni confided to him about being "englightened". Gianni felt that he was beckoned by something greater than impulse. Marco sees his father Gianni as just a disciple in this design -- Gianni's death plotted a path to be sought by the one: his son, Marco.[1]


Marco Bartoli is the son of Gianni, other family members are not mentioned.

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  1. In-game cutscene in the end of the level Opera House