Wreck of the Maria Doria

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Wreck of the Maria Doria
Tomb Raider II
Section Maria Doria Section
Level No 8
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 60 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Adriatic Sea, Maria Doria
Level Chronology:
40 Fathoms Wreck of the Maria Doria Living Quarters

Wreck of the Maria Doria is the eighth level in Tomb Raider II.

It's the second of four levels set in a sunken ship, the Maria Doria. The main aim of this level is to uncover three circuit breakers which access the control room like area of the Maria Doria. At the Level Opening, the rusty metal background seen in 40 Fathoms changes to the waterlogged remains of the luxury ship, such as a pool, ballroom and restroom.


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Lara ventures deeper into the shipwreck, searching for The Seraph.


  • Find 3 circuit breakers
  • Use the circuit breakers to reach the ship's bridge
  • Travel a flooded passageway to the ships bridge and cabin
  • Enter the great room with a glass ceiling that has turned into a pool
  • Swim into the pool and through an underwater tunnel to the level exit



In this level you can find 3 stone dragons.

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