40 Fathoms

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40 Fathoms
Tomb Raider II
Section Maria Doria Section
Level No 7
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 35 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Maria Doria
Level Chronology:
Diving Area 40 Fathoms Wreck of the Maria Doria

40 Fathoms is the seventh level in Tomb Raider II and part of the wreck exploration. In this part Lara will mainly explore the cargo area of the ship.


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While talking to Brother Chan about the Seraph, Lara is ambushed by some of Bartoli's henchmen. She escapes by hitching a ride on a yellow submersible, but is stranded in the middle of the ocean when the vessel sinks. The heroine struggles for air, and is lucky enough to find a shipwreck close by. But Lara hasn't seen the last of her enemy's baddies, as she finds many more on the wreck.


The level opens with an FMV sequence. A submersible travels deeper and deeper to the ocean, with Lara hitchhiking a ride. She's holding on on the roof of the vehicle without any scuba gear.

Apparently the man who controls the submersible hears some noise and starts to suspect that he's not alone. He reaches to the roof of the submersible with a mechanical claw-hand. Frightened by a shark suddenly storming at the submersible, the man loses control of the vehicle. The submersible crashes to a rock wall deep in the ocean, leaving Lara to the watery depths.


  • Find a way inside the wreckage of the ship before running out of air
  • Get past the burners deeper into the ship
  • Go through a flooded passage and a large room filled with dirt to reach the level exit.



In this level you can find 3 stone dragons.




First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Typical Scenery of the Level