Diving Area

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Diving Area
Tomb Raider II
Section Offshore Rig Section
Level No 6
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 35 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Off-shore, Adriatic Sea
Level Chronology:
Offshore Rig Diving Area 40 Fathoms

Diving Area is the sixth level in Tomb Raider II and the second and last one in the Offshore Rig Section.

Location of the level is in the Adriatic Sea.


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Lara escapes her prison in the Offshore Rig and manages to find her way to the Diving Area, where some of Bartoli's men are investigation on the sunken ship of the Maria Doria.


Lara is wading through a passageway with water to the final room, and she overhears Marco Bartoli saying "Blood or answers, I have no preference. He should spill a bit of both!"

It turns out that some of the Fiamma Nera Killers are harshly interrogating a wounded monk, to find out the location of the Seraph. Lara enters the room, interrupting their questioning.

End Cutscene

Lara apparoaches the badly wounded monk, who introduces himself as Brother Chan Barkhang. He tells Lara about the Seraph and the history behind it. Brother Chan has mistaken that Lara will be carrying him to his next life, because of the bright lights that were caused by Lara's gunfire as she shot some Fiamma Nera Killers, interrupting the interrogating of Brother Chan.


  • Find the Blue Pass Card and open the corresponding door to gain access to further parts of the level
  • Find the first Machine Chip and place it to an electrical panel to open a door to a room, where the Jade Dragon is located
  • Find the second Machine Chip and place it to an electrical panel to turn off the Spinning Saw, making it possible to pick up the Red Pass Card
  • Use the Red Pass Card to gain access to a passageway that leads to the end of the level



In this level you can find three Stone Dragons.

Found in the room with the Acid Pool, in a small square opening in the sliding ramp. There's only one chance to obtain it, and it might require several tries to succeed
Found in the final room with the wounded monk, Brother Chan, inside a small side room alongside of four sets of Uzi clips.
Found in the bottom of a pool after opening a trapdoor by pressing a Small Push Switch, in a room with orange tanks

Artefacts & Keys



NOTE: The weapons listed above are found only if they weren't found during the Offshore Rig level or earlier in the game


First Aid
More Gear
Found only once, in the room with Swinging Hooks


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Typical Scenery of the Level