Rolling Barrels

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Rolling Barrels
Strategy stand aside, jump over them or run from them

The Rolling Barrels (also Rolling Storage Drums) are a trap occurring in Tomb Raider II and its add-on The Golden Mask. This trap is very similar to the naturally occurring Landslide or Avalanche. They are triggered by Lara stepping into a passage and come rolling down a slope, rolling her over, unless she gets out of the way. Sometimes it's also possible to jump over them.


Tomb Raider II

The first time Lara meets these traps is in the level Offshore Rig, just after escaping her prison. She can avoid them by not stepping on the slope when running into the passage with the two baddies. There are more barrels in this level, in the room with the two pools.
The next time Lara is faced with the barrels is in the Wreck of the Maria Doria.

The Golden Mask

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