The Dragon's Lair

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The Dragon's Lair
Tomb Raider II
Section China Section
Level No 17
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 15 minutes

Secrets 0
Location Asia, China
Level Chronology:
Floating Islands The Dragon's Lair Home Sweet Home

The Dragon's Lair is the second to last level in Tomb Raider II and before Home Sweet Home.

In this level Lara fights with the Dragon at the end. Before you get to the chamber in which Marco Bartoli's body is concealed, you will have to kill three stone warriors and numerous monks.

After the Dragon is defeated and the Dagger of Xian is collected, the structure will explode, leaving the level as a race against time.


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Lara comes closer and closer to face Marco Bartoli and retrieve the Dagger of Xian. Retrieving the artefact isn't easy, as Marco Bartoli plunged the Dagger of Xian into his heart and thus becoming a Dragon.


After defeating the Dragon Lara goes to its fallen body and takes off the Dagger of Xian. She looks at the Dagger of Xian as the skin of the Dragon melts off, revealing the Dragon's skeleton.

End Cutscene

In the ending FMV sequence Lara runs along a narrow cave with explosions and fire behind her, stumbling a bit while running. She leaps out of the cave as it explodes violently. Lara flies on the air by the power of the explosion, falling hard on the ground. A great part of the Great Wall of China is destroyed by the explosions. Lara lies unconscious on the ground.

A moment later Lara wakes up on the ground in the daylight, hearing some birds. She stands up stretching her back a bit and turns around to face the rubble and some smoke coming out at the Great Wall.



Artefacts & Keys



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


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